Wednesday, November 19, 2008

COW TIPPERS TIckets on Sale Now!


Dec. 5-6

7:00 PM

at the Geyer Performing Arts Center

Tickets $5.00 each

Order from any cast member,

Geyer PAC 724-887-0887 or

Melissa 724-438-5003

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fall 2009 Production


December 5-6

at the Geyer Performing Arts Center

by Eddie McPherson

Mrs. Brown is a sophisticated lady from a large metropolitan area who is working on her Ph.D. She has moved to the tiny hamlet of Hoke's Bluff for a one-year study of rural school life. Once she arrives, she discovers she is quite the fish out of water; Mrs. Brown is used to schools equipped with state-of-the-art computer labs and up-to-date technology. At Hoke’s Bluff, however, high tech is an intercom system consisting of an aluminum can with a piece of string attached.

On the first day of school, the sheriff shows up looking for leads to cow-tipping pranks which were pulled all summer on area pasture land. Mrs. Brown discovers right away her task of studying "these people" may be more than she bargained for.

But as relationships are built, Mrs. Brown not only teaches her students a few lessons, but she learns a few of her own. And when Clyde, the school janitor, has eyes for her, she also discovers that there’s more on these people’s minds than just cow tipping.

Rehearsals: Fridays, 1:00-4:00 Sept. 5-Dec. 4

Saturday, May 3, 2008

COW TIPPERS Rehearsals

The Cow Tippers
Fridays, September 5-December 5
Geyer Performing Arts Center

DIRECTIONS:S to Geyer Performing Arts Center:

Travel on 119 S and exit at the Scottdale exit.

At the top of the ramp bear to the right onto PA 819 S.

Travel approximately 2.5 miles on 819 S (There is one tricky spot where it looks like a fork in the road-stay on 819 S by bearing to the left)

At the first stoplight you come to, turn right and the theatre is immediately on your left.

(At the light you will see a National City Drive-thru Bank on your left and a Sheetz diagonally to your left.)

PARKING: You may use the metered parking along Pittsburgh St. but there is a free lot close to the theatre.

Directions to free lot: 1. As you are traveling along 819 S after you have entered Scottdale, you will notice a Marathon gas station on your right. If you make an immediate right as soon as you've passed the Marathon, the free lot will be on your left.

If you park near the Rite-Aid store you will just need to walk between the two banks to get to Pittsburgh St. and the theatre.

If you are just dropping off your children, I would avoid stopping directly in front of the theatre as there is an intersection right behind you and it could cause an accident. There is a parking lot for the Scottdale Bank and Trust on your right a little further up the street. I'm sure it would be okay to pull into a parking place for a few seconds to let your children exit your car. If you do pull into the Bank and Trust lot, travel straight ahead and bear slightly to your right to get to the free lot.

Drama Covenant


All cast, crew & parents (or guardians) will need to agree to the following if a student is cast or put on crew.

1. I agree to attend all scheduled rehearsals and performances, giving 24-hour notice if unable to attend, or as soon as possible in the case of an emergency. I realize that if I have any unexcused absences(an absence where I did not contact the director) or 2 excused absences, the director has the right to give my part to another actor for the good of the team. An absence is excused in the event that the actor is too ill to come to class. Other absences may be excused at the discretion of the director.
[NOTE: Early departure from and late arrivals to scheduled rehearsals count as an absence if it adversely affects rehearsals.]

2. I agree to come to rehearsals on time and prepared, which includes bringing all necessary items to rehearsals (script, pencils, good attitude), and memorizing lines and cues by the assigned deadlines.

3. I agree to encourage and uplift my fellow cast/crew members and Arts in Unison instructors so that as a team we can communicate a positive message to those who come in contact with us on and off stage.

4. PARENTS: I/we agree to provide transportation to and from rehearsals, as well as to provide support to our child to fulfill their responsibilities to the cast/crew of the production.

2009 Production Dates

May 1-2,2009

by Rob Frankel

It's called Camp Paradise and no wonder---it's a fine arts, a computer, and a nature camp all rolled into one! Join the artisitc, the scientific, and the plain 'ol back to nature fun-tistic types for a unique summer in the deep woods. Twenty-one different scenes ranging from campfire ghost stories to the first summer love to midnight raids (we're talking way beyond short-sheeting here!). All the feelings that summer camp can generate--from homesickness to hilarity to wild achievement at reaching a goal--can be found at Camp Paradise. Even parents may recognize themsleves in the awkward "Visiting Day" scene. And just like real camp, this play ends with a feeling of camaraderie as the cast sits around a campfire singing a beautiful almost bittersweet guitar song called, "Flying Away".

August 14-15, 2009
Comedy. By John McGreevey. Based on the book by Alyene Porter.
Set in the 1920's
For the minister's family, growing up has tribulations that most children escape. They can't roller skate in public because some of the parishioners object. The boys cannot protect their cotton patch from a gang of "toughs" because their father opposes fighting. The daughters of the richest parishioners try to make the preacher's sons date them (or else!). The troublemaker, Miss Jonas, even objects to Alyene reciting poems by Shakespeare. Weaving through all this is a delightful boy/girl complication in which two brothers want to date the same girl while their sister is being courted by a would-be musician.

FALL SHOW--December 11-12